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Our bodies are 70% water. When we lie down the water (also called interstitial fluid) gets redistributed, mostly through the lymphatic system. When we stand up and move around, our muscles help this lymphatic fluid pump through the lymphatic vessels and distribute evenly throughout the body. If we lay down longer than usual, the system doesn't expect it and is not prepared to move enough lymphatic fluid, it ends up in our head.

No problem, just get up and walk around and soon it will be back to normal.

a glass for water and some exercise of five minutes should solve this problem when u wake up and try to increase amount of water you take per day! may be your are taking much less water in daily life which ends up in concentrated blood and i suppose mostly swelling is caused by that.

don't sleep too much.alchohal may effect your face swelling try to avoid it as much as you can.

even after that if swelling don't go then try to contact some specialist

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Your face may feel swollen when you wake up if you have a tooth or gum infection. If you are also having symptoms of numbness to your face with difficulty smiling, you may also be experiencing Bell's palsy.

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Because when u fall asleep your fingers turn to sausages and as soon as you wake up they turn back into finger.

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Q: Why do fingers swell when wake up?
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