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If you are not diabetic or have heart problems, your swollen limbs are most likely caused by sodium intake. I've noticed when I use/eat too much salt that my fingers swell a bit overnight.

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Q: What causes waking up with swollen fingers hands wrists feet knees?
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Do your wrists get swollen from cracking your fingers and knuckles?

There is no data linking swollen wrists with knuckle cracking. In fact, there is no data linking knuckle cracking with swollen knuckles or arthritis.

What does it mean to have Swollen joints in little fingers only?

Swollen joints in your hands can indicate you may have arthritis. The other symptoms of arthritis are joints that are stiff, inflamed, and painful. The joints affected can be in your hands, feet, and wrists.

Which types of joints allows you to move your wrists and fingers?


Is it true that if you can put your fingers around your wrist it means your anorexic?

No- it only means that you have long fingers or small wrists or both.

What causes you to use your hands and fingers and wrists more - Guitar Hero or shuffling a deck of cards?

Guitar Hero, since you included fingers which shuffling cards doesn't really require you to use them at all. Then again it would depend what level of Guitar Hero? =P

What bones can you break in boxing?

Any of them. Most often the fingers, wrists and forearms though.

What causes RSI of the hands and wrists?

RSI stands for repetitive starin injury. There are various causes of RSI of the hands and wrists such as carrying out repetitive tasks, sustaining awkward positions or the application of force to the hands and wrists. Those who use computers for many hours a day may be at risk of RSI.

How do I work on softening my arms in ballet?

You have to think about relaxing your shoulders and arms and fingers and wrists but don't make it too flimsey

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You can rotate your torso, neck, shoulder, ankle. fingers, and wrists. There may be other rotatable body parts too.

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Its more better for your wrists and possibly your fingers to rest and type upon. It reliefs tension in your wrist and fingers by having a downward slant unlike regular keyboards which have a up or neutral angle.

Where can you feel your heart?

2 fingers (not your thumb it has it's own heart rate) into your wrists on your left hand it's the left side, on the right hand......, and how I do it you put the 2 fingers under your palm onto your LH wrist then follow down anther 2 fingers and your there

What may be causing my pinkie fingers and ring fingers to cramp up stiffen up and draw themselves inwards towards my palms as well as sometimes shooting pain up my wrists into my forearms?

carpel tunnel sindrome.