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Why do you feel colder after you drink cold water? Eh?

See? Now I'm asking the questions

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Q: Why do I feel warmer after drinking warm water?
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When it rains does a pool get warmer?

No, it does not.. the contrast of the cold rain and the warm water makes it feel like the water is warm. But it is not.

Does drinking alcohol warm your body or cool your body?

Alcohol consumption results in loss of body temperature: it makes you slightly colder, even though you feel warmer.

Which diffuses orange juice faster warm water or cold water?

Warmer water because the temperature is one of several factors influencing diffusion.

What air holds more moisture?

Warmer temperatures hold more water.

What is wrong with you if you feel warm but you don't have temp?

Likely nothing is wrong with you. Our daily temp can rise and fall over 24 hours. You can feel warmer after eating or moving about. Some women feel warmer when they have a full bladder. Menopause can also cause you to feel warm and cold.

Is warmer or colder water a better conductor of electricity?


Does warm humid air feel warmer than warm dry air?

NO! Definitely not.Humid means more water vapour, more water vapour, more heat loss as water vapour is still water and it can conduct heat away from the air and warm dRy air is just warm air basically. =3

Is drinking warm water better for your health than cold water?

Drinking warm water only reduces the stress on your body to adjust the temperature of the water to body temp.

Where do kingfishers go in winter?

well, when it is winter they migrate to warmer places to feel warm.

How do jellyfish keep there body warm enough?

They go to the warmer water.

Do dolphin like warm or cold water?

Dolphins can live in both cold and warm water because they have blubber which keeps them warmer.

Can drinking warm water relieve constipation?

Yes it can