Why do I always feel dizzy?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Dizziness, vertigo, loss of balance, or weakness can have several causes, and you should consult a medical professional to investigate the causes.

These can include (but are not limited to):

- dehydration

- metabolic disorders

- nerve impairment

- inner ear disorders

- blood circulation problems

- nutritional deficiencies

- stress

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You always feel dizzy probably because you run around to much or you dont exersize enough and u need more fiber in your body. I used to be dizzy all the time then i started eating more vitamins and more food i also took long WALKS and now im not dizzy anymore.

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When you spin in a circle your nerve spins to so when you stop your nerve is still moving

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Low blood pressure is usually the source of dizziness or lightheadedness.

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Q: Why do I always feel dizzy?
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Why do you feel dizzy everyday?


Tired dizzy and feel sick?

my girlfriend feel tired and sick

Are the acrobats dizzy or the swings are dizzy?

The acrobats may feel dizzy from performing high-flying stunts, while the swings themselves do not experience dizziness. Dizziness in acrobats can be caused by spinning or flipping rapidly in the air, which can disrupt their sense of balance.

Why does feel dizzy when his blood is deficient in hb?

A person with low hemoglobin may feel dizzy because his blood doesn't have enough oxygen-carrying capacity. The brain requires large amounts of oxygen, and may be the first organ to notice a deficiency.

Can you give a sentence with the word dizzy?

If I drink too much wine I feel dizzy. Spinning in circles will make you dizzy. I get so dizzy, I see stars!

Can high voltage light dirrectly to your eyes make you feel dizzy?

It is true that high voltage light directly to eyes, can make someone feel dizzy.

When you feel dizzy you might have a problem with?

Blood pressure.

How do you know you are peregnat?

If you are feeling nauseous, feel dizzy or feel weak you are probaly pregnant.

Can marijuana make you dizzy?

It can reduce blood pressure which can make you dizzy. As it also heightens the senses, when you get dizzy and then focus on it, the effect of the powerful mind can then make it feel worse.

Why do you feel dizzy when you get up suddenly?

the reason you feel dizzy when you wake up is becase your body is using muscles that haven't been used for 8-9 hours, and your brain is just starting to function. the reason that you feel dizzy after you stop spinning is you brain was shaken up and lost its concentration balance.

Can a helium balloon harm you?

It's always fun to suck in helium, but after a few balloons, you will feel dizzy and nautiated. It is recommended not to use helium, so yes it can harm you.

Why do you feel tired and dizzy?

Tired - your body's response to not enough sleep or energy. Dizzy - you most likely have a virus if you are dizzy but dont worry it only lasts a couple of days.