Why are women so insecure?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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Women have many issues going on and no one can actually understand that unless you are a women

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I just think men don't hold grudges as long and don't get jealous easily.

Show me the source that proves women are more jealous than men.

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Q: Why are women so insecure?
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Why are you so insecure about your boyfriend and other women?

You either have low self-esteem or he has cheated on you and you don't trust him.

Why are women generally insecure about a man's past?

Not all women are. If someone is insecure about another person's past, it's that they feel that they'll never be as good-emotionally, sexually--and that they will disappoint the other person, or that the other person will wish that they were back with the ex. Sometimes they are insecure about their physical appearance in respect to the ex's looks. Not all women are insecure about a man's past and it would depend on the past. If it's just the women he has had relationships with, then SHE is the one who is insecure because she's not happy with herself or confident as she should be. Not all women are like that. Because she is scared the past will repeat in the future.

Do abusive men target obese women?

No, but some may target insecure women.

What to call a man who likes to insult older women?

A man that likes to insult older women can be called a insecure. Most people who insult others, for whatever reason, usually do it because they are insecure.

Can you give me a sentence using the word insecure?

Too often, young women are emotionally battered into being insecure in general, because of their bodies, their hair, their clothing -- and being insecure is dangerous for anyone.

Why are men abusive and insecure and yet women are not?

This is a generalisation, and a highly incorrect one at that. Women can be, are just as abusive and insecure as men. Many men are not abusive and are quite secure with themselves - the opposite is in fact a minority.

Are married people who are insecure more likely to have an extra marital affair?

no i don't think so cause if they r so insecure in their marriage then they would be too insecure to cheat but that's just one opinion!!

Why do men make jokes with or about women?

Often because they're insecure about their own attractiveness to women, especially if the jokes are humiliating to women. But remember, women like to joke about sex.

What is one of the negative features of a free-market economy?

APEX--- No one is really in charge, so it's insecure and uncertain.

How do you use insecure in a sentence?

"He left the house unlocked, feeling insecure about the safety of his belongings."

Can younger women possibly intimadate older men when they are attractive and smart?

Absolutely. Men who are insecure are intimidated by women who are competant, and if a woman is not only competant, but attractive, capable and smart, insecure men will not only be intimidated, but they will attack her for all sorts of fatuous reasons.

Why is my boyfriends mom so possessive over him?

Women invest a lot of themselves into their children. Some women want to keep the connection they have with their child instead of letting the relationship evolve. Probably insecure and thinks she's loosing her son.