Why are some women more sexually active?

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because some girls have more of an intrest in sexual things more than other girls, and some mature before other girls so therefore they would be more sexually active.

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Q: Why are some women more sexually active?
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How many teenagers are sexually active?

Sexual activity can be very dependent on location. As a national average in the US, 60% of high school students have been sexually active to some extent. 50% of sexually active students will acquire some form of STD.

Why do some teens choose not to be sexually active?

Some teens think that you should wait to be sexually active because they're scared, waiting for the rigth person,and don't want to be pregnant.

How sexually active is the average 33 year old male?

most males are very sexually active until death and some loose there sexuality after age 40

Are you more sexually active when pregnant?

Some women are insatiable during pregnancy. It's courtesy of the hormone rush. Personally, my sex drive is at an all time low. I was looking forward to the sexual part of pregnancy, but it skipped me up!

Can women get sexually aroused by looking at very sexy female celebrities?

Yes some women can.

When did women take active roles in 1800s?

Women took active roles in the 1800's when it was necessary to survive. Some women stayed home and took care of the children and cook and cleaned. Some women worked in the fields too. Still others that were more adventurous had their own cattle ranches.

Is men sexually active in age after 80 years?

Depends on the individual. Some are, most aren't.

Why do you need to pee when turned on?

This is because the same group of muscles (pelvic muscles) that control urination are also active when sexually aroused. This is why some women pee or feel like doing so when they have an orgasm.

What are some flaws of Benjamin Franklin?

He liked women a little to much. He was a horndog and he sexually molested several women

What are some reasons a female may prefer to be bi-sexual or a lesbian?

Some women are born with a natural sexual preference for women. They obviously prefer having a guaranteed relationship that is not just sexually driven. Also they can relate to each other more easily. And if they are involved they are obviously sexually attracted to one-another.

Why do males like looking under women skirts?

Some males get sexually exited by it

Are heavy women sexually attractive?

I don't think they are sexually attractive... at ALL. But it depends on people. Some people think they are some think they're not. But what about you? Do YOU think they are? Or is this just a question?

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