Why are people not nice?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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everyone is different. some people are nice and others aren't. usually those who are not nice learn from their parent or their society. usually popular people are not the nicest

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Q: Why are people not nice?
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Are gay people nice?

Yes. they are nice couse they are rilly nice to help people

Why would someone want to be nice?

Because nice people make other people happy. and people want to be arond nice people because nice people make them feel good. And if you want people to be nice to you you have to be nice to them. You have to give to recieve. remember what goes around comes around.

Was Montezuma nice?

i thing that Montezuma was nice to people because he dose nice thing to people

Are Turkish people nice?

the answer to are Turkish people nice can not be answered because, it is like saying are English people nice,some may be robbers and stuff. but overall Turkish people are nice

Do you be nice to people?

its nice to be nice only if others are nice back so yes i am nice

Can people be nice ever?

yes people can be nice all they have to do is listen to people and be respectful.....

Is the French people being nice to you?

Some French people will be nice to you.

What is the duration of Nice People?

The duration of Nice People is 1.17 hours.

How do you make your brother be nice to you?

Be nice to him so he can be nice to you, because how do you expect people to be nice to you if you aren't nice to them.

Are pandas nice to people?

They are nice if you do not harass them.

When was Nice People created?

Nice People was created on 1922-09-03.

Are hairstylists nice people?

I think that hairstylists are very nice people because they all talk to you while you are getting your hair done and they are so nice. I have only been to the nice hairstylist but yes i think that hairstylists are nice people.