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Pretty means delicate, graceful, striking beauty, elegance. Therefore we cannot say it to a man. For men are though, gruff, and sometimes ruff.
Even if the man is a gay, we can not apply it here . Most men are not pretty.

Their bodies do not show any sort of softness.

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Q: Why are men called handsome and women called pretty?
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Why do you never call a woman 'handsome'?

Because that word is for men onley I'm sorry but I don't really agree with the answer above. The word 'handsome' is usually a term used to describe a mans good looks, but that does not mean a woman could not be handsome. Many women do not like to be called handsome because they think it is a 'man-word'. Some women have more testosterone than others, therefore giving them more of a manly look, therefore (again) making them handsome. A man could also be described as pretty or beautiful, though this is not as common. I can come up with one example of this, Adam Lambert is pretty, not handsome. You tend to describe gay men as 'pretty' and that's why a pregnant woman tends to call her baby 'beautiful' and not 'pretty'

Who is the best handsome men and women in the world?

the men is FRANC NEIL!!

Can you use 'handsome' to describe either men or women?

Usually just men

How do you say pretty in Swahili?

The adjectives as applied to people and animals are mzuriand mrembo. Mrembo is the stronger of the two, used for women and young children, meaning beautiful. Mzuri can be used for either men or women and translated as "pretty" or "handsome," as appropriate.

What are other ways to say good looking?

Pretty, attractive, fetching, cute. Easy on the eyes, a looker, a dish, handsome, a Venus [for women] or an Adonis [men], dreamy,

Do women like romantic men if they're ugly?

Yes, for short term women go for handsome men. While for long term women prefer romantic partner, looks don't always matter.

What do women want in a guy?

women want sex and handsome men who are good at kissing and other thing some women just want money those people are hores then they'res women who want men that want a family and a wife

Do women like big handsome men?

Some girls like big popular handsome boys but other girls like Boys who don't think so much of themselves

Are even hot pretty women get intimidated by men?

yes :)

Do women like dark men?

Women are said to fancy men who are tall, dark and handsome. You will often hear them saying this jokingly. I personally thing that a lot of woman like dark men but also in htis age colour has nothing got to do with it. Women like men who are strong and can look after them emotionally.

Is it flirting if a married man tells a married woman that she is pretty?

No, it is not flirting if a man admires a pretty woman (married or not) and tells her. The point is 'you can look, but don't touch.' Men of all ages admire a pretty woman and women of all ages admire a handsome looking man.

Do BOTH men and women get called up to the Torah before their wedding?

In Orthodox synagogues, men and women would be called separately, while the other branches of Judaism men and women get called up together.