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Why are friends mean to each other? They usually have some form of jealousy, dishonesty, or lack of maturity in understanding the value of good friendships, and being supportive, as human beings.

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Q: Why are friends mean to each other?
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If you had two best friends who hate each other and always fight over you then how can i stop them hating each other and just be friends?

Just because they are your friends does not mean they have to be each others friends.

What does it mean when a girl and a guy make fun of each other and always talk to each other?

It means they are very good friends. It can also mean that they are in a relation with each other.

How do people stay friends?

If you like the person then staying friends will be no problem. You stay friends by being together and having fun together. If you never see each other or are mean to each other then you wont be friends.

Is it ok to be friends with two people that don't get on with each other?

yes. just because two people dont or cant get on or get along with each other it doesnt mean you cant be friends with both people that dont get on with each other.

What does it mean when a man and women who are not together argue?

It sounds like they are not compatible with each other as friends or anything else. Also it could be that they are jealous of each other and vying for a friends attention

What does olo mean?

If im right me and my friends use it to greet each other ROFL

Denise and her friends have formed an in group what does this mean?

They feel comfortable with and loyal to each other.

What does the longdistance friend mean?

It means that friends live far away from each-other, I have a lot of long distance friends. they live about 2 hours away from me! It means that 2 or more friends live a long distance away from each-other.

If you and your crush like each other does that mean that your girlfriend and boyfriend?

It depends. If you really like each other than 'yes' or if you just like each other as friends than maybe in the future.

Does garra and Naruto like each other?

Ewwwwww that's gross they are just friends dang it!Depends what you mean. Romanticly: No. But they do become close friends (so I guess you could count that as 'likeing" each other).

If you and your friend understood each other without saying anything what does it mean?

It means that you just know what each other mean, period. It could also mean that you are very good friends and that you don't need to spell things out for the other to understand.

Why should friends have each others back?

Friends need to stick up for each other because thats the caring thing to do, to show you care about them and they mean something to you. If they dont have each others backs its hard to see that they actually care abot each other.