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It depends. If you really like each other than 'yes' or if you just like each other as friends than maybe in the future.

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2010-03-22 06:25:30
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Q: If you and your crush like each other does that mean that your girlfriend and boyfriend?
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What is a boyfriend relationship?

it's when a girl has a crush on a boy and he has a crush on her too and they decide to be friends, but since they really like each other and sometimes even love each other they decide to make it a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship.

What is the meaning of a boyfriend or girlfriend?

The meaning of a boyfriend and girlfriend is when a boy and a girl are going out with each other and have sexual relationship.

How did Sonic and Amy become boyfriend and girlfriend?

Well, they're not boyfriend and girlfriend. So, they just know each other.

Is detxer in powerpuff girls z?

No. And everyone thinks that Dexter and Blossom have a crush on each other, when the DON'T. Brick and Blossom when they are teens fall in love, and become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Describe the perfect boyfriend and girlfriend?

ones that trust each other.

Who are Indiana Evans and Angus McLaren to each other?

boyfriend and girlfriend :)

Can you call each other boyfriend and girlfriend but not date?

According to my friend, who has been friend zoned at least 3 times. It is completely acceptable to call each other girlfriend or boyfriend when the other party is not around.

How many dates on average must a guy and girl go on before they can call each other girlfriend and boyfriend?

you can call each other boyfriend and girlfriend without going on a date, even if you have only both established clearly that you each have feelings for each other.

What should a girlfriend do with her boyfriend?

Show affection to each other and show you care.

Why does an ex boyfriend kiss an ex girlfriend?

they are probably still into each other

What is the relationship between a woman and a man?

It is when they date each other and are boyfriend and girlfriend .

What is nonjudicial boyfriend?

why not just girlfriend? why non judicial girlfriend?

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