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Q: Why are computers not good for your health?
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Health and Safety - Using Computers?

It is important to be aware of health and safety when using computers. Extended use of a computer can cause repetitive strain injury.

Is youtube bad for your computers health?

No, it is not right.

Why did a person invent a computer even after knowing that computers are bad for your health?

Using computers are good and bad too. Using computer for lots of time causes lots of health problems like eyestrains,addiction to computer etc. Always use computer at a limited time. Then there will not be any problems.

Does sleeping beside computers dangerous to your health does it kill your brain cells or any health issue?


What are the disadvantages of computers on human health?

the disadvantage of computer in human health is.............................cancer

Computers are very good at data into information?

computers are very good at __________data into information

More reasons why computers are good?

computers are good because you can learn on them and do home schooling

How do computers provide better people with access to better health care?

By providing helpful health and wellness information.

Is it good for health?

no its not good for health

Are alienware computers good for storing info?

all computers are good for storing info. alienware computers focus on style and computing power, and are good for gaming and other computer intensive tasks

What is the Minneapolis industry?

manufacturing, food processing, computers, and health services

How are computers used in health care?

you need to save the documents about the patienct