Health and Safety - Using Computers?

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It is important to be aware of health and safety when using computers. Extended use of a computer can cause repetitive strain injury.

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Q: Health and Safety - Using Computers?
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What are the health and safety risks when using computers?

The main health risk of using a computer are the potential harm to your vision and a risk of developing carpal tunnel of the wrists. Safety risks include someone getting ahold of your personal information that you have stored on the device.

What are the health and safety procedures for using different types of equipment?

The health and safety procedures for using any equipment is whatever the manufacturer has specified in labels and user manuals.

What does the letter e stand for in e safety?

It stands for electronic, and refers to safety when using computers, particularly the internet.

What are the safety issues when using computers?

Liquids near a computer cables sockets bags

What health risks can be caused by using computers?

If you get addicted then you can get lazy which can cause obesity.

What equipment if any are you prohibited from using in health and safety?

There are no universal prohibitions on the use of equipment for health and safety. Some equipment will be forbidden in certain situations but not in others.

What health and safety measures should you follw when using hegner saw?

always were safety goggles to protect your eyes

Are there any health or safety risks in using an elliptical?

The safety risks when using a elliptical are the moving parts to the elliptical which can injure fingers while the elliptical is in use. Health risks for the elliptical would be not to use extensively if you are pregnant.

What are the Possible health problems concerning computers and computers users?

Most health problems related to computer usage is also related to ergonomics. And all of the possible health problems can be severly reduced by using the computer correctly.

What are the health and safety rules when using an abrafile?

Be careful and don't touch the thin file

Health and safety while using the computer?

good posture.take breaks.eye strain.blurred vision.headaches.

How do you protect physical safety whilst using computers?

make sure there are no loose carpets no hanging wires no food or drink near computers no overloaded wires

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