Why are boyfriends lazy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A lot of boys whilst still living at home with their parents, are spoiled by their mothers.

Who tend to do all the small irritating chores like putting the laundry where it belongs, carrying out the trash vacuuming the carpets and doing the washing up

But this causes problems when the lads later move in with there girlfriends.

They have become used to having most things done for them, they don't see it as being lazy.

It could be said to be the mothers fault and not the boys.

Not only are they spoiled by their mothers some boys think it is womans work to do the laundry, vacuum, dishes, or any other house work that does not require tools or machinery. Some won't even put their own dirty dish in the sink because their mother always done it for them and look at their girlfriend like she just grew a third eye when she asks him to do it.

The exception to this is a man in the military. In the military he is taught to take care of himself, fold his own clothes, keep his uniform in top condition, and the area he lives in, in top condition. Mother can not go to the barracks with him and iron his clothes and make his bed, the only person who will get these things done is himself and if he doesn't get it done there will be dire consequences.

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Q: Why are boyfriends lazy?
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