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The grandparents on the father's side of the family

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My paternal grandparent was my father's father. So paternal means "of a father."

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Q: Who is the paternal grandpartent?
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What do you call your father?

paternal uncle

What is the difference between maternal and paternal?

Paternal is related to the father while maternal is related to the mother. Example: Your maternal parent is your mother and your paternal parent is your father.

What does relationship to you MEAN?

"Relationship to you" means who are they to you, or how do they fit in to your family circle. be they your paternal aunt,(fathers sister) maternal aunt (mothers sister) maternal grandmother (mothers mother) paternal grandfather (fathers father). and so forth.

Prader-willi and angelmen syndrome are caused by a deletion?

due to deletion of seven genes (or some subset thereof) on chromosome 15 (q 11-13) are deleted or unexpressed (chromosome 15q partial deletion) on the paternal chromosome.

Why do some African Americans men have a blue ring around the pupil of the eye?

It's a heredity and genetic trait. Me, My mother, my twin sister and my brother has brown eyes with a blue ring around the Iris and so did my maternal grandmother (may she rest in peace). I am 48 years old black female from Trinidad West Indies and I recently began looking into this trait on the internet when I noticed the ring a few years ago. I found that quite a few people with ancestors from the Slave Trade and People from the Caribbean Isles and Native American heritage have this same trait which is hereditary. My paternal grandmother was a native Arawak Indian of Trinidad (similar heritage to Native American Indian) who died off shortly after Columbus landed there.

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