Who is obito?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Obito is a friend of Kakashi and Rin, pupil of Minato, he is an Uchiha Clan Member, he died in Kakashi Chronicles and gave Kakashi his left Sharingan eye, later on, Kakashi is an adult in his 20's, he's a Sensei, and Obito is dead, or is he? Tobi of the Akatsuki is new to the team and lacks heart and strength, he is bad for bribing someone to take off his mask and show it to them if they do something for him, his mask covers only his left eye, HMM?, in a Naruto Shippuden Manga Chapter I read he had the Sharingan Eye in his right eye, but not his left, his hair is a resemblance of Obito's and notice Tobi's name, Obito has the same without the extra "O", read it back words, you'll get it eventually. So I'm saying Obito is Tobi of the Akatsuki.

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Q: Who is obito?
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Is anyone obito?

no obito is obito

Is obito Uchiha evil?

Yes, Obito is evil. It was revealed in the Manga that Tobi was Obito.

Is pain obito?

no it is rumered that Tobi is madara uchiha in obito's body but no pein is not obito

Who would win obito or young sauske?


How did obito beat the fourth Hokage?

Technically Obito lost his fight against the fourth, Obito managed to force 4th to flee with Naruto, but during their later struggle 4th defeats Obito buy teleporting to a kunai behind Obito

Is obito madaras son?

Obito has to have some kind of relationship with Madara. how does Tobi/Obito know so much about madara..

How can Tobi be obito if obito fought the fourth Hokage?

Because Tobi is from First hokage generation and Obito was from Kakashi generation.

How did Kakashi get the mankegyou sharingan?

Obito was found by Madara Uchiha but after a while Zetsu told Obito that Kakashi and Rin were in trouble. Obito's body was weak so Tobi let Obito where his body and Obito saw weird things in his left eye and when he got there he saw Kakashi kill Rin and so Kakashi and Obito both unlocked the mankegyou sharingan.

When did Tobi tooked obito's body?

Tobi isn't Obito. He is Madara Uchiha

What series in one manga is when Obito died?

Obito dies in the series Naruto

Who was obito fighting with?

From what i know so far about kakashi, obito, and tobi. The 3 are related.cause from the time obito and kakashi discussed obito said then i'll crush that idea of a shinobi. The so called tobi arrived to take nine tail knowing that kakashi was still weak from the last mission with obito. The question is were is obito's body or who took his body or was it the person he fought with. Sorry this are question

How can Tobi be both obito and madara uchia?

He is not Obito hes just madara uchia alot of people think he is obito because it kinda fits in with the story but no orbito is dead and to anybody who reads this and you think he is still obito you are an idiot.