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The president

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Q: Who has the power to establish relationships and recognize other countries?
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Who have the power to recognize and establish relationship with other countries?

It is typically the role of the president of a country in order to establish relationships with other countries. The president will work with members of their staff and will get in contact with the country they wish to develop relationships with.

Frances relationships with other countries?

they dont have a relationship

How you can establish and manage multiple cross function relationships and communication lines with other business units?

establishing and managing multiple cross-functional relationships and communication lines with other business units

Who has powers to make treaties?

the president is in charge of relationships with other countries.

What is US relationships with other countries?

jenny fawcett and patty fawcett

What were the relationships between England and other countries during the Reformation?


What policies of the US government that promote or fail to promote relationships with other countries?

The policies of the United States government that promote or fail to promote relationships with other countries is called Foreign Policy. The United States tries to make sure that people in other countries are treated fairly.

Yongle sent out several maritime expeditions to extend China's influence and to win what from other countries?

Yongle sent out maritime expeditions to showcase China's power and gain tribute from other countries to acknowledge China's superiority. These expeditions aimed to establish trade relationships, spread Chinese culture, and solidify China's dominance in the region.

What is a reason why a country might not be part of the united nations?

Other countries do not recognize it as a legitimate nation.

What was Rome relationships with other countries?

Your answer cannot be answered if you do not say what the examples are

What country does uae have a foreign affair with?

Countries do not have affairs in the way you imply in your question. Countries have foreign relations with other countries and the department that deals with these relationships is called the foreign affairs department.A foreign affairs department will have relations with all countries. some of which will be ambassadorial relationships.

Who is the most popular target for American franchisers seeking to establish franchises in other countries?