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It's either the Nurse or the Doctor.

In Dental Examination: Dentist

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Q: Who are the persons who conduct health examination in school?
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Who are the persons who conduct examination in school?


What are the different health examination in the school?


What are the importance and purpose of school health examination?

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What happens at a medical exam during school?

The school doctors will conduct the medical examination. The teacher does not usually have a role in examining the students. They may send students to the school doctor if they notice that they are ill.

What are the different health examination given to every student before she enter school?

what are the different health examinations given to a every student before he enters school

Different health examination given to a student before going to school?

Ideally, every school child should have a complete physical examination and health evaluation every one to two years from his or her personal physician or source of ongoing medical care. Several things should be accomplished during this examination:(1) interval health history; (2) head-to-toe health appraisal; (3) assessment of growth, development, and school progress; (4) mental health evaluation of the child and family; (5) assessment of immunization status; (6) health education and counseling for both parent and child; (7) evaluation for participation in athletics; (8) recommendations about the child's health needs.Physicians may not be available for comprehensive health supervision in some rural and urban areas. Therefore, the Committee makes the following recommendations for health examinations required by schools.1. Schools should require a complete physical examination for all children at least every three years.2. Ideally, this physical examination should be done by the child's pediatrician or primary care physician. A school nurse, with physician backup, if trained in physical assessment skills, can do an assessment if no physician is available to conduct the examinations.

What and how are the 7 major health examination done in school?

i don't know.. I'm actually researching about it... does anyone knows the answer?

Who invented examination or school certificate?

Examination or school certificates were invented by Australia.

What are the different health examination given to every student before he enters school?

Children are given health exams before entering school so that they don't bring sickness to others. They are given vaccines, checked for contagious diseases, and more.

What are the different health examinations given to students before they enter school?

1. Teachers' observation. 2. Screening test. 3. Dental examination. 4. Physical examination. 5. Medical examination.It really Depends on what school System they go to so I think you should contact you local school system.

What is the importance of physical examination?

Physical examination is relatively important, whether you are applying for a job, obtaining a license or simply entering a school. They need to know if you are physically fit for whatever you are pursuing especially if it is requiring a good health.

What are the different health examination conducted in the school?

The different health examination conducted in the school are:BMI (Body Mass Index)=>Include height and weightPPFT (Phillipine Physical Fitness Test)=>Components are Strength,Power,Agility,Balance,Flexibility,Local Muscle Endurance,Cardiovascular Endurance,Strenght Endurance and Co-ordinationThat's all I know.............By:Drew Bernadine P. Carritero,Grade 7