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Why don't you see the condom use video on Durex website? It will give you a clear idea on how to use and wear the condom correctly. It is nicely illustrated and good for beginners. A lot better than going and asking your friends for help.

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Q: Which side of the condom should be used?
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Could you be pregnant if you used a condom and pulled out?

You really shouldn't be, if you put the condom on before first insertion and it didn't get damaged.

Is it gay if you wear a condom?

No. You should wear a condom so you don't catch a sexually transmitted disease. It has nothing to do with being gay.

Can a condom be wrinkled after sex but still not break?

Yes it can be wrinkled and not break. But if a condom is applied to a penis that is fully erect then it should fit tightly and not move or wrinkle very much. If you are noticing that the condom is very wrinkled then there may be one of three issues: 1. You are not applying the condom correctly, never unroll a condom before putting it onto your penis. 2. You are not fully erect while wearing the condom. 3. The condom you are using is too big for you, resulting in movement and wrinkles. The main risk with the three issues above is that the condom can slip off the penis during sex.

Can pregnancy occur if he ejaculated from previous sex that day but didn't during this time even though the condom broke?

There is always a chance that pregnancy can occur if the condom broke. Sorry. There is sperm in the liquid that comes out while having sex. So, yes if the condom broke there is a chance of pregnancy, but not from the previous ejaculation Unless of course you are using the same condom which you should never use a condom twice.

Will my spouse get pregnant if sperm leak at the rim of the condom?

It certainly can, and often does. Improperly-used condoms are a common cause of pregnancy. Condoms should be applied properly by rolling them down from the end of an erect penis, and the user should withdraw immediately after ejaculation, before his erection is lost. Further sex play can be done by hand. If further intercourse is contemplated, the penis should be washed and another condom applied. Condoms should never be re-used. The technical term for people who fail to follow these precautions is "parents."

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What kind of condom should be used for a skinny penis?

A vice.

What is the proper use of a condom?

Condoms are used to help prevent pregnancy. If the condom is lubricated the male would slip on the non lubricated side, if the condom is not lubricated then it doesn't matter how it is put on. You should put the condom on whan your penis is fully erect. It is said that if you're trying to prevent aids the best one to use is latex for better chances.

A friend wants a condom but then she doesn't what should she do?

if shes dating anyone, she should keep the condom!

What lubricants should never be used because they make a condom break?

baby oil, and vaseline.

What lubricant should never be used because they can make a condom break?

baby oil, and vaseline.

Can you get pregnant if you used a condom and sperm didn't come out?

no, because he had a condom on.

How many minutes should sex last with one condom before changing to another?

Condom should be changed after ejaculation

You slept with over three hundred women and never used a condom should you get checked out?

Yes, you do need to get checked out and from now on, it would be more sensible for you to try and always use a condom.

Can you be pregnant if you used a condom and your not on birth control?

yes because the condom could break

Were a air bag is used?


Can you get pregnant pouring sperm from a condom in you?

can you get pregnant by pouring sperm from a condom that was used last night in you

Question about sperm life and chances of pregnancy?

I couldn't post the full story in the question box so here it is...Me and my girlfriend had sex and i was using a condom and I went inside the condom. when I was done I got up and talked over to the trash and threw out the used condom, and then used my hand to wipe off the excess liquid on my penis, and then we had sex again right after with out a condom should i be worried about semen getting her pregnant?

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