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Most Men Prefer White Women (mainly the Southern American White Women due to their Exotic looks such as their different Eye, & Hair Colours, and just like Black Women you have many Curvy ones and these Sisters come in many Shades also, but unlike Black Women they are the most Married, and have over a 50% Marriage Rate 68% Success and despite false Reports on High Divorce Rate of Facts I found of the Few that Divorce their success of a Marriage after that they are at a Success Rate of 75% in Rebound Relationships.

It's a Fact that there are White Women that are Cougars even that are in Very Successful Rebound Relationships with White and non-White Males, you can find that source on YouTube or anywhere.

White Teacher and Black Student Success update after Marriage and Child Mary Kay Letourneau they are still Happy.

Census has Proof Black Women have Highest Divorce Rates you can Google this. Black Women have a 26% Marriage Rate though it is said that Black Women and White Men Marriages last Longer despite the many Divorces I seen of that said Couples as well.

White Women may Marry out the Least still that is drastically changing, as are still the most Desired by African, Asian, Indian, Caribbean, and Hispanic/Latino Men they are notoriously known to be the most culturally conscious and curious; love the Culture and concept of having to treat someone different and opposite, as opposites always attract special as a King. The best example is Brevard County, Florida where many the most Beautiful Women in the World come from due to many new Residents and slowly changing landscape and advantage of an 80% White Population has helped almost reenforces as to why White Women are Hotter, where 56% of non-Whites are with White Women. After all these irrefutable and feasible facts, proves who do we all think are the Hottest.

Gregory J Malone - The divorce rates are highest among Black or African-American men and White women compared to African-American women married to white men. This is also researched and the reasons that are cited for this disparity is mainly due to white w omen as a group not individually are unwilling to remain in an inferior societal status either real or by association and therefore perceived. I disagree that White women are more attractive than African-American women unequivocally. The most exotic women on the planet are either Latinas or African-American and Caribbean women albeit southern Caucasian Women possess great attributes too. Men do a lot in secret. From business deals to plotting the overthrow of a government abroad. You may see openly black men, white, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander and native American men with white women as wives or girlfriends. That said, we prefer women of color when moving demographically in politics, economics and science. Many times these so-called hot white women are unfortunately "trophy wives". They are there for show and the brains or brawn we seek are often "women if color"!

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Q: Which race is hotter black women and white women?
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