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The Nervous system.

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Q: Which organ system to your five sense organs belong to?
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Which organ system helps your body to sense things?

The organ system that helps your body to sense things is known as the sensory system. This will rely on the circulatory fluids to send messages from the sense organs to the brain.

Which sense organ do VITREOUS belong to?


What is the main sense organ for each of the five sense organs?


Are sense organs part of the peripheral nervous system or the central nervous system?

i think they belong to the peripheral nervous system (pns)

Which organ detects changes in the environment?

Sense Organs

Organs of the respiratory?

There are several organs that make up the respiratory system. Some of these include the nose, throat, lungs, alveoli, bronchi and the larynx.

Can you get to know basic introduction to five sense organs?

background to sense organ

What organ is a sense organ?

A sense organ is an organ of the 6 senses. The sense organs and senses are: the eyes--sight the nose--smell the tongue--taste the ears--hearing and balance the skin--touch

What happen if we don't have sense organ?

Without the sense organs animals wont be able to sense their enemies. It is believed that today Man is a great threat to the animal kingdom. It is therefore necessary for animals to have sense organs.

The stimulation of the sense organs is?

the stimulation of sense organ is when your ballz starts sweating and drips on your feet ; (

Do plants have sense organ?

yes plants have organs

What is your largest sense organ?

The human body has five sense organs: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. The largest sense organ is touch, which involves the skin.