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background to sense organ

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Q: Can you get to know basic introduction to five sense organs?
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Major sense organs?

There are five major sense organs. Hear, touch, smell, and taste.

What is the main sense organ for each of the five sense organs?


What is a birds sense organs?

A bird's most important sense organ is their eyes. Their other sense organs are ears , feathers , taste (mouth), and nose for smell.

Which refers to the ability to use your five sense organs?


Which organ system to your five sense organs belong to?

The Nervous system.

What are the common ailment of the sense organ?

The five sense organs are the eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin. Some common ailments of these organs include: cataract, cauliflower ear, common cold and acne.

Name the five sense organs?

Hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, smelling

What is your largest sense organ?

The human body has five sense organs: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. The largest sense organ is touch, which involves the skin.

What are the 8 sense organs?

1. Eyes - Sight 2. Ears - Hearing, Balance 3. Nose - Smell 4. Tongue - Taste 5. Skin - Touch & Temperature

What are the five major sense organs with function?

1. Eyes - Sight 2. Ears - Hearing, Balance 3. Nose - Smell 4. Tongue - Taste 5. Skin - Touch & Temperature

How many sence organs does a person have?

anatomically speaking, there are five sense organs in the body. these are the eyes for vision (optical), ears for hearing (auditory), nose for smell (olfactory), tongue for taste (gustatory), and skin for touch (tactile).The above is a very common MISCONCEPTION.There are many senses in the body, which all have a part to play in our general sense of being. The "five main senses", which are actually the External senses are:Sight (eyes)Hearing (ears)Smell/Taste (chemical receptors in nose and on tongue)Touch (nerve endings in skin)Temperature (nerve endings in skin)Temperature is a fundamental sense which should be explored and enjoyed as much as the others.For more in depth information, including the internal senses, check out the wikipedia "sense" pagethere are 5 sense organ does we have.. it is sense of sight/sense of hear/sense of smell/sense of taste/sense of touch/ and sense of balanceA person have 5 sense organs

What are the five organs?

There are more than five organs. The Brain, the Heart, the two Lungs, the Stomach, the Liver, the Kidneys, the Gall Bladder, the Pancreas, the Small Intestine, the Large Intestine and Sexual Organs. There are also the sense organs, the eyes, the ears, the mouth and the nose and not to mention the Skin.