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Glycogen repletion is enhanced most by eating foods w/a high glycemic index

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Q: Which of the following is a characteristic of glycogen synthesis after a bout of strenous training?
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What are the uses of vitamin e?

it repairs body tissue after strenous exercise

What exercises can't a pregnant women do?

Anything that's too strenous.

What exercise is harmful during pregnancy?

Anything that is strenous or requires you to lay on your stomach.

You are tired all the time - what do you need to increase your energy?

More strenous daily exercise!

What you c cannot do after cesarean section?

After having a C-section, you cannot due strenous activities for 2 weeks. Examples of strenous activities are walking up stairs, athletics, lifting up objects over 10 pounds, and running

What can cause late period?

Many things, diet, stress, strenous ongoing activities, pregnancy.

Why do your pulse rate is 64Min all time?

That is a standard pulse rate - if you do strenous excercise it will be afaster rate.

Why do people eat fruits like banana before a strenous activity?

To get some energy into their system that the muscles can easily use.

Are water polo players athletic?

Sh*t yes, thats a stupid question. It is one one of the most demanding and strenous sports there is.

Is Horse backriding an exercise?

It is. For both horse and rider. Some forms of riding are very strenous. Jumping, cutting, endurance, cross country are just a few examples.

How being a couch potato is better than outdoor exercise?

It isn't. Unless your body needs rest from strenous daily routines, exercise is always better for your body.

How do I lower my cholesterol levels?

The best things you can do to lower your high cholesterol levels is to eat right with cherios and fruits and veggies and get some easy non strenous exercise.