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Place a bitter pill at the tip of the tongue to prevent tasting most of the bitterness. as back of the tongue can taste bitter but tip and sides of the tongue cannot taste bitter.

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Q: Where should you place a bitter pill on your tongue so that you can swallow it with water without getting an after taste?
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According to the rules of Ramadan, oral medications are not permitted during fasting hours, and it is up to each Muslim to determine what rules of Ramadan they particularly want to follow. There are no rules about medications like paracetamol during Christian Lenten fasting. According to the rules for Jewish fasting, a person may swallow bitter medicines in tablet, capsule or liquid form, but not if they are pleasant tasting or tasteless. The medicine must not be taken with water. If one cannot swallow the capsule or tablet without any liquid, he should use a bitter tasting liquid. (If the capsule or tablet will still be effective when mixed with water, this is a practical solution since such liquid is usually bitter tasting.) You can also consult a rabbi.

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