Where is jaw line in our body?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Along the chin from one ear to the other.

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Q: Where is jaw line in our body?
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What is jaw line?

Jaw line- The lower edge of the side of the face (below the cheek); defined by the jawbone.

Body parts starting with j?

jaw and joints

Is there a body part that starts with the letter J?

Jaw I am Kirstin, The answer is Joint. Have a GREAT Valentines Day!!!!!!!

Where is your jaw line?

the bone connected to your chin

What is a bone or muscle in the body that starts with the letter j?

jaw bone jaw muscle

What is the Name of the lower jaw 4 letter word?

The lower jaw (mandible) consists of the body and rami.

In which diseases there is receding jaw line?

Sleep apnea

What are facts about the human body mouth?

there are 32 teeth in the average human body mouth.The upper jaw, that is part of the skullThe lower jaw, connected with the upper jaw and with ability to move up-down and from side to side

What is the longest n strongest bone in the body?

the jaw

Which muscles are used the most in the body?

the tongue and jaw

What all does maxilliofacial cover?

eyebrows to chin, nose to jaw line

Which muscle is stronger jaw or chest in human body?

the masseter muscle of the jaw is strongeri've never heard of the chest muscle.