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cartalidge is located in the ear. It is the beny part at the top of the ear. some people get there ears peirced at the top of the ear. Wich is the spot where cartalidge is located.

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Q: Where is cartalidge located in your body?
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How many bones are in a aliens body?

none they have cartalidge

What is cartilige?

cartalidge is located at the top of your ear. The spot that is softer than a bone but harder than fat.

What does rook piercing stand for?

The word rook does not mean anything I don't think. A rook piercing is located on the ear. Where your cartalidge ends and it is that little (hard you cant move it) flap of skin between the ear cartalidge and your tragus (that hard flap of skin on the inside of your ear in front of the hole)

Where can cartalidge be found?

Cartilage can be found in the human body, particularly in the joints, nose, ears, and respiratory passages. It provides structural support and flexibility to various body parts.

How do you perform the sawing in half trick with a male assistant?

With a chainsaw (preferably gas powered), table saws get caught on the tissue and cartalidge. It's also not as easy to slide his body across the table as it is to just drive a chainsaw through him. Hope this helped! Good luck!

What organs does athritis affect?

Arthritis affects the joints,not the organs. It is when the cartalidge is worn down by excessive, or over time use. When people say youll get artheritis in your fingers when you click them they are partly right. It can also be gained by excesively spinning your arms or using a joint a lot. Dont be scared though as running will not wear it down; only excessive or old age can destroy cartalidge.

Where in your body is your skeletal system located?

Where in your body is the Skeletal System LOCATED

Why does a birds feather have a stick?

Its not a stick. Its cartalidge. Its to keep the feather stiff and stable so they can fly. Without it, the bird would simply fall out of the nest, and die.

Where in the body is the excretory system located?

It is located throughout the body and consists of the intestines.

Where are the body's phosphates located?

Most of the body's phosphate (85%) is located in the skeletal system

Where is nasal cavity located?

It is located in your body

Where is your shift selonoid located?

Normally this is located inside the valve body of the transmission, the valve body is located inside the case & pan.