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I am a compounding pharmacist, I can make BGO ointment if knew the active ingredients.

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Do you sell BGO ointment

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Q: Where can you purchase BGO an ointment?
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What is Trithalmic Ophthalmic Ointment?

A triple antibiotic ointment for use in the eyes. I purchased this at the vet and found it is the same as Vetropolycin, which you can purchase online.

Where can one purchase eye ointment?

A person can purchase eye ointment from several different places. Some of these places include Walmart, Amazon, Target, Kmart, Rite Aid, and Vision Direct.

Where can you buy Johnson and Johnson First Aid Skin Crack Ointment?

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Where can kip ointment be purchased?

I'm not sure if it is the exact same product as you had, but you can purchase an ointment for a mild burn named "KIP PYROL-Hi" from Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and KIP YAKUHIN Co., LTD. in Japan.

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What are the different types of ointment?

ointment for the penis ^_^

What is cooks ointment?

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What is the best ointment to put in a cut?

The best ointment for cuts that you can purchase without a prescription is Neosporin or the store brand equivalent. In my experience, the best prescription ointment for cuts is Bactroban (or mupirocin/generically).

What human ointment can you use for your dog that is similar to panalog for dogs?

What human ointment can be substuted for panalog ointment.

What is a sentence for ointment?

He put some ointment on his sunburn.

What is desonide ointment use for?

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