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The best ointment for cuts that you can purchase without a prescription is Neosporin or the store brand equivalent. In my experience, the best prescription ointment for cuts is Bactroban (or mupirocin/generically).

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Emu oil is always the best. Its high in fatty acids and emollients while penetrating deep into the skin to heal the burn. Its extremely good for the skin!

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Q: What is the best ointment to put in a cut?
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How do you put ointment in sentence?

As a noun. E.g. "My son had a cut and I rubbed ointment on it."

What is a sentence for ointment?

He put some ointment on his sunburn.

Should you squeeze a small cut to bleed out germs?

You should not squeeze a small cut in order bleed out germs. You should wash the cut with soap and water. You also want to put antibiotic ointment on the cut.

Does Triple Antibiotic Ointment work on burns?


Can you use the word ointment in a sentence?

She put ointment on her rash.

You get a minor cut on your knuckle while grating cheese what do you do?

You should rinse the cut out with cold water and put some sort of anti-bacterial ointment and cover it up with a band-aid

What is best topical ointment for anal fishers?

What is best topical ointment for anal fishers

What is the best ointment for healing tattoos?

The best ointment is no ointment for at least 2 days. Then Aveeno when its tight. (source: Kore Flatmo, google him bitch)

Have a cut inside vaginal passage from a fingernail catching is there a chance of this getting infected Can you put ointment INSIDE your vagina Would having your period hinder the healing process?

Yes you can put ointment on it, I had the same issue, and they told me to mix antibiotic cream and cortizone cream together and put in on the cut for 2 weeks and to refrain from sex for about 2 weeks. I would say see a doctor just to be on the safe side.

How do you break seal on paw paw ointment?

cut it open

You cut yourself shaving and it turned into a sore what can you put on it until your doctors visit?

Swab it with alcohol, or peroxide, then apply Neo-Sporin ointment then a band-aid.

Best way to cure a cut?

LARGE CUT: Elevate punctured area above heart place pressure on cut. Place IODINE on the cut, followed by antibiotic ointment, and finally finish off with a nonstick pad and tape it on with water proof medical tape 3M (recommended). Keep cut clean and dry. After the above call for medical assistance. SMALL CUT: Place Iodine on infected area, followed by antibiotic ointment then a band-aid.