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Yes but you have to do it for at least 30 seconds because then all the sticky stuff can get off.

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Q: When washing hands do friction asure clean hands?
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What is a good slogan for washing your hands?

wash it, clean it, dry it

How do friction help in day to day life?

rubbing hands together while washing creates friction and helps to get rid of germs

How infection may be prevented?

keep your hands clean by washing often

Should you turn off the water with your clean bare hands after washing them?


How does friction kill germs?

The friction that is created from washing your hands does not actually kill germs, however, it does help to wash them away. It is recommended that people wash their hands with soap for a duration of at least 30 seconds.

What is hand washing?

Hand washing is the act of cleaning ones hands. Hand washing is done with soap and warm water to clean and remove germs and dirt.

Why it is quite easy to unscrew tap of bottle if your hands are clean or dry?

dry and clean hands have produce friction between hand and cap of bottle so cap unscrew easily

Is it better to wash your face with your hands or a cloth?

As long as your hands are clean and healthy there shouldn't be a problem washing your face with your hands. Same with a cloth. There's no difference really.

How do you prevent parasites?

You can prevent parasites by keeping clean and healthy. This includes washing your hands before you eat!!!!!!!!!!

Why you have to wash your hands at 100F?

it basically needs to be hot enough to get of bacteria off your hands and as many as you can washing them allot of times to make sure they are clean

Are food workers required to wash their hands after going to the bathroom even if their hands look clean?

Technically this depends on local law, but at least in the US, yes, "looking clean" does not excuse food workers from washing their hands.

If bacteria can live on a bar of soap why wash our hands to kill the germs using soap if it does not kill the germs?

While it is true that hand washing with plain soap doesn't actually kill all germs, hand washing is still a vital part of disease prevention. The mechanical action of hand washing--both the flushing action of the running water and the friction from the rubbing together of your hands--removes harmful pathogens. And that's why hand washing is considered so important to public health.*Proper hand washing technique: use very warm water and soap, briskly wash and rub hands and between fingers with suds for a minimum of 20 to 30 seconds, rinse and dry on clean towel. To know if you are washing your hands long enough for the germs to be removed from your hands, sing two verses of Mary Had a Little Lamb or sing Happy Birthday twice before you stop washing and rubbing them with the soap suds.