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Q: Should you turn off the water with your clean bare hands after washing them?
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When washing your hands when should you apply soap to your hands?

after applying water to your hands

In what direction should your hands be pointing when washing?

they should be pointing down in the water

What products should be used when washing hands?

When you wash your hands you need soap, a towel and hot water.

What happens if you waste clean water?

Clean water is very important. If we waste clean water, we are going to use dirty water for the next few centuries. Imagine yourself washing your hands with muddy, filthy water... YUCK!

What are the two most important factors when washing your hands?

The two most important factors when a person is washing their hands should be length of washing and temperature of water. A person should typically sing Happy Birthday as they're washing their hands to give themselves a time reference. Warm water, as warm as a person can stand, is also important in killing bacteria.

Should fingertips be pointed downward while washing hands?

yes! the fingertips should be and this is so water does not get on the forearem

What should you do every time you wash your hands?

clean thoroughly using plenty of soap and water, using antibacterial soap prevent bacterial formation on the hands, average recommended hand washing time is 20 to 60 seconds, lather and scrub together between fingers and nails, rinse and repeat for a better clean.

How long should you rub your hands together when washing with soap and water?

If you want a thorough clean, be sure to scrub palms, in between fingers, back of hands, and near the nails with luke warm water while singing the abc's in your head approximately two times. Around 20-30 seconds.

How long after you bring a guinea pig can you wash it?

You don't have to, but since they are living in there own filth then you should. If you are allergic then you should do this: You wash your hands with regular soap and regular water from the sink. Then, you wash your hands like you usually would.

What should of water should be used when washing a wound caused by a sea animals stings?

clean fresh water should be used strate away to prevent infections

When washing your hands you should use and hot water to kill germs?

Yes the hot water kills more germs than cold water.

Water temperature for washing dishes?

The ideal water temperature for washing dishes is between 110°F to 120°F (43°C to 49°C). This temperature range is hot enough to remove grease and grime effectively but still safe for your hands. Water that is too hot can cause injury, while water that is too cold may not clean dishes effectively.