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they should be pointing down in the water

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Q: In what direction should your hands be pointing when washing?
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When washing your hands when should you apply soap to your hands?

after applying water to your hands

What should you not do well washing your hands?

brush your teeth

When Performing medical aseptic hand washing the hands should be positioned?

In medical you are to wash hand very often. When washing the hands you should wash them with soap from the top to the bottom.

Should one flush toilet before or after washing her hands?


Should you turn off the water with your clean bare hands after washing them?


What products should be used when washing hands?

When you wash your hands you need soap, a towel and hot water.

What are the two most important factors when washing your hands?

The two most important factors when a person is washing their hands should be length of washing and temperature of water. A person should typically sing Happy Birthday as they're washing their hands to give themselves a time reference. Warm water, as warm as a person can stand, is also important in killing bacteria.

What should be used to dry hands after washing?

Single use paper towels

How should you avoid contact with bacteria?

well we just do what the doctor tells us to do-things like washing hands. And remember that there are the influenza around so prevent anything you can by washing washing washing.

Should fingertips be pointed downward while washing hands?

yes! the fingertips should be and this is so water does not get on the forearem

What does the sink do in restaurant city?

Customers will wash their hands with it. To me, a sink is for washing dishes, a basin for washing hands.

How long should you scrub your hands with soap when washing?

Normally about 20 to 30 seconds is required to get all parts of the hands, fingers, and nails.