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it's an ingrown toenail

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Q: When the corner of a toenail grows into the flesh of the nail bed?
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How can you tell if a toenail is dead?

The dead nail will begin to detach (and eventually fall off) while a new toenail grows in.

Will a new toenail attach to the nail bed as it grows?

Unless there has been significant damage to the nail root... yes.

Is there a name of a nail disorder in which a new toe nail grows underneath an exisisting toenail?

Don't know of the name, but it sounds like a fungus... they do crazy things.

What is a dark toe nail?

A dark toenail is just a dirty toenail.

Is toenail a compound word?

The word toenail is a compound word. The words are toe and nail.

Can you put artificial nail tip on your toenail that fell?

You should not put artificial nails on an exposed toe. If the nail fell off, it should be protected until the nail grows back in.

Is toenail fungus the same as toenail fungi?

Yes, both are same which affect nail with fungus

If your toenail has died and is only holding on by the edges - should you have the nail removed or try to hold it in place while it grows back?

If possible, keep it on. (I used surgical tape for several months) It'll protect the very tender nail bed while the new nail grows out. The old will eventually come off anyhow, and the later the less uncomfortable.

Your dogs toenail has slit how do you fix it?

nail file

What cause the toenail to rotten?

so they can grow new ones and so you can be healthy.

What are some fungal infections?


Why is your big toenail black?

By definition, your toenails, as well as your hair, and as opposed to your skin - is always dead. What happens if it gets black is that you've had a bleed under the nail, in the nail bed. That kind of thing will often - but not always - disturb the growth zone of the nail somewhere behing the cuticle. When that happens, the nail will no longer be able to grow as a continuous unit. There'll be a stop in the growth, a break in the nail, and then there'll be a new nail. As the new nail grows the old will be pushed ahead and eventually fall off.