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Women are more sexually active in the morning hours. Thank you MAnswers.

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Q: When are women more sexually active?
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How do you know if a women is sexually active?

You can usually tell when a women is sexually active because of their behaviour. they seem happier but more secretive and not normal.

Why are some women more sexually active?

because some girls have more of an intrest in sexual things more than other girls, and some mature before other girls so therefore they would be more sexually active.

Are women in their sixties sexually active?

yes, why would they not be?

Who is sexually active women or men?

Both sexes are.

Can you have a pap smear even if you are not sexually active?

Pap smears are recommended for women 21 and over. You can get a pap smear if you are not sexually active.

Are women with large breast tend to be more sexually active?

no, not really. it all depends on the woman, not the size of her breasts.

What is the most common curable STD in young sexually active women?

trichomoniasisChlamydia is the most common curable sexually transmitted disease in young sexually active women.True,But if your in A+ itsTrichomoniasisThe answer is chlamydia.Chlamydia.Chlamydia is the most common curable sexually transmitted disease in young sexually active women.Trichomoniasis

Most sexually active age for women?

49 years old

Does non sexually active women have back pain when on their period?


Are vaginal creams prescribed for sexually active women?

Not just sexually active women, both men and women can get yeast infections for instance, even virgins. Unless you are ill you need no medication just based on the fact that you have sex.

How often does chlamydia infect sexually active women?

Chlamydia is the most common bacterial sexually transmitted disease in the United States.

Does having more than one sexuall partner indicate being sexually active?

Having a single sexual partner is being sexually active.

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