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a friend with benefits means that you are not in love you still are friends but you have a sex life

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She's using you for a safe booty call. If you're good with being used like that, maybe you should rethink the relationship.

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Q: When a girl asks to be friends with benefits?
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What does it mean when a girl asks you if you like one her friends then she asks if you like another one of her her friends?

it possibly means that the girl likes YOU!

How do you know when you should hug a girl your friends with?

If she hugs you, or when she asks for one.

What do you do when your best friend asks your girl friend to be friends with benefits?

say "f*** you both" and go find a real gf and best friend if she says ok leave her but beat his a** anyway

How do you asks hot girl to be your girlfriend?

You start by being "Just Friends" And then ask her out

Who is the dunkin-your-tits-hynescom girl from Friends With Benefits?


How to find loose chacter girl?

If she just wants to be "friends with benefits".

What does it when a girl asks you to prom with her friends?

She most likely likes you, but she feels uncomfortable being with you alone

If a girl asks to play spin the bottle does that mean she likes you?

Not nesisarily maybe her friends dared her to

What happens to friends with benefits?

Friends with benefits don't usually work out like you think . They may start off good but at one point it just wont work . Friends with benefits are just a way of showing someone your not looking for love but, mostly , physical relationships . Most of the times that's not the case , but however that's usually what you're showing other people .Girls: If a guy asks you to be ''friends with benefits'' you shouldn't give in so easily . Even if you really like the guy . He doesn't want anything serious with you . Your better off without him if he's that type of guy .Guys: Asking a girl to be friends with benefits can make her feel uncomftorable unless she is that type of girl . When a girl tells you that which can happen , think twice and think of all the concequences .-KM

What do you do if the best friend of the girl you like asks you out?

say sorry im interested in ur friend but can we be friends

Is it cheating if a girl asks your man to go shopping?

No Not Really,They May Just Be Friends,Thats All.

What does it mean when the girl you like asks you out in truth or dare and then her friends tell you it was her idea?

Ooo that means she likes you