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Once you've given someone your word you cant take it back.

They trusted you then and even if you dont want to keep the promise anymore you have to because you've given someone your word for it.

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Q: When I give my word people can trust me even if later I wish I didn't make a promise?
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Can people trust you?

People can trust people depending on how they are. For an example: "Can i have 50p" "Yes you can" "Thanks I'll pay you back tomorrow promise" Tomorrow "wheres my 50p" "what 50p?" "You know the one I gave you yesterday" "NO!" That can break a trust but there a many more lies so people do trust me but do they trust you?

Your Boyfriend asked you a jealous comment but he later said he didnt mean what he said?

if you trust and believe him then let it go. if not ask him why he said it then

What is the significant on pinky promise?

a method of trust and promise between kids

What is trust in a person?

when you believe that someone will keep a promise and that you trust in that person.

Can you change the meaning of a promise ring?

No, i dont think you can. A promise ring is a promise to stay with someone until marriage. It is a promise of love and devotion & trust. That is the meaning of a promise ring.

Why did Lenin not trust Stalin?

bkuss he didnt

Are Promises Really Meant To Be Broken?

No. But it refers to the fact that if the level of trust between two people is so low that the words "I promise" have to come into play, that such will probably be broken later. After all, if someone is truly trustworthy, their word alone is sufficient, and no "I promise" or "I cross my heart" or any other oath is needful. Finally, if someone has told you this, you should not bank on any future statement or promise of their's.

Why didn't the Indians trust the white people's government?

The white peoples government had betrayed the Indians too many times before and the Indians didnt want to trust them again

Why does the movie Invictus concentrates so much on Mandela's security details?

because people didnt trust white people to gaurd the black president

How did the merit system prevent officials from giving government jobs to people who did favors for them?

in the 20 century they wanated to get back at people because they didnt trust them

What would you do if your friend broke a promise?

(you kick him/her ass) <-- Uhh NO! You can explain how important that promise meant to you. If they can't keep a promise, then don't tell them the promise, tell someone that you can trust.

What should you do when someone breaks a promise?

Only you can decide what to do if your best friend breaks a promise. You could talk to your friend to find out why the promise was broken. Depending on the reasons and what you want to do, you could break off the friendship or give the person another chance. Some say you should tell that person that you don't want to be friends anymore because if she or he broke a promise then you can't trust him or her. That may be true.