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Only you can decide what to do if your best friend breaks a promise. You could talk to your friend to find out why the promise was broken. Depending on the reasons and what you want to do, you could break off the friendship or give the person another chance. Some say you should tell that person that you don't want to be friends anymore because if she or he broke a promise then you can't trust him or her. That may be true.

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You might end up with some trust issues with other people.

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u do the same

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if you break a promise you are breaking a promise to god

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Q: What should you do when someone breaks a promise?
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What breaks easily?

Figuratively: ➼A Promise ➼Someone's Heart ➼Trust Quit Literally: ➼Silence ➼Glass

Should you break up with youre boyfriend if he breaks a promise?

i think first you should talk to him about it and let him know how you fell. then if he does it again, it is over

What breaks without using hands?

A promise!

What breaks without making a sound?

Marriage, virginity, promise...

What is an elephant promise?

an elephant is an elephant , an elephant never breaks its promises

What should you do if a boy breaks up with someone and you want him?

if you know him ask him out but if not get to know him first

Why is there no general legal duty to honor a promise?

If it is not written down an paper and signed it cannot be legally enforced by the court. If someone gives you their promise and then breaks it, while it may not be legally enforceable, it just means that you have been taught a valuable lesson about that person.

What is breaking a promise?

Breaking a promise is when you tell someone you are going to do something, and you PROMISE you will do it. Breaking a promise is not "fulfilling" it, or "doing" it.

Can a breach of Promise apply to an unpaid loan?

Breach of Promise laws generally refer tothe loss someone suffers when their partner breaks up with them just before their date of marriage, or "leaving them at the altar", which is not showing up for the wedding. These laws are largely outdated.

What promises should you make on promise day?

Some promises for promise day include:Waiting to have sex until you are marriedPromising to be with someone for the rest of your lifeOnly loving that significant other.

What to do when someone broke into your house, should I immediately call 911?

Yes, if someone breaks into your home you should hide and lock yourself somewhere safe and call 911.

What cant you keep until you've given it to someone?

a promise