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Given the random and varying effects of MDMA, there isn't a lot you should worry about if taking something else - the fact that you were silly enough to take MDMA means you probably aren't really worried about what happens anyway (in this case, there would be very little if any interaction between the two drugs).

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Q: What would happen if you mix mdma with cefadroxil an antibiotic?
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Taking Mdma with garlic as an antibiotic safe?

No. If you need an antibiotic, see a doctor and get a prescription.

Can you take ecstasy mdma while on antibiotics. The antibiotics called Doxycycline are for a surgery I just had. Its Friday and I want to chill and get my roll on. Is this safe?

MDMA can be taken while on a course of many kinds of antiobiotics, but it is recommended to take a smaller dose than one normally would as the effects can be drawn out. As i am saying this Doxycycline has been a antibiotic which has been identified to be potentially dangerous while taking on MDMA because they inhibit one of the enzymes (CYP34A) that breaks down MDMA. Although saying this it has been recorded that many people have also rolled safely on these antibiotics. i would suggest letting your body recover after surgery and if you do decide to take MDMA have a smaller dose and be safe. PLUR

Can you take ecstasy while on antibiotics?

From'm currently taking the antibiotic ________ , and I want to take MDMA -- is this safe?If you are sick enough to be taking an antibiotic, there is a good chance that you aren't healthy enough to take MDMA. MDMA supresses the immune system, making it easier to catch viruses and infections. Thus, if you are trying to fight an infection, and you take MDMA, there is a good chance that it will take you longer to recover from your infection. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you wait until you are in better health before taking MDMA.There are certain cases, however, in which the antibiotic is not being taken for reasons of poor health. For example, many people take doxycycline daily for acne. In a case like this, taking MDMA will not significantly affect the user's overall health.If you do decide to roll, and there is no reaction between your antibiotic and MDMA (as per the lists below), then it is extremely important that you continue to take your antibiotic exactly as directed by your doctor. If you decide to stop taking your antibiotic for a day or so (because you want to roll, and your antibiotic interacts with MDMA), then make sure that you finish taking all your antibiotics after you roll.Should I be worried about any interactions between my antibiotic and MDMA?Most antibiotics are theoretically safe to combine with MDMA. I say 'theoretically' because although there are no forseeable interactions, there has been no medical research on the combination of MDMA and antibiotics.There are a number of people who have rolled safely on antibiotics, and to date a bad interaction between an antibiotic and MDMA has never been reported. However, this does not guarantee that you won't have an interaction, so keep this in mind.The following antibiotics should be, theoretically, safeto combine with MDMA (note that these are NOT brand names, but rather the chemical names):azithromycinbacitracincephalosporin, and forms of (cefepime, cephalexin)ciprofloxacinflucloxacillinflucytosinegriseofulvinisoniazid (used to treat TB)minocycline*moxifloxacinneomycinnitrofurantoin (but this may cause oxidative stress and so MDMA would be best avoided)penicillinpolymyxinstreptomycinsulfamethoxazoletrimethoprimThe following antibiotics have the potential to be dangerous, because they inhibit one of the enzymes (CYP34A) that breaks down MDMA. Thus, you should be cautious (consider taking a 1/2 dose of MDMA) if you are taking one of these antibiotics. Antibiotics with a (*) indicate that people have rolled on this antibiotic safely -- though it is still recommended that you be careful with these.amoxicillin *clarithromycindoxycycline (common acne med) *erythromycinketoconazole* (but person experienced a very strong, long roll - proceed with caution!)lansoprazoleprimaquinetetracycline*troleandomycinPlease note that this is NOT a complete list of all antibiotics -- if you are taking an antibiotic that is not on this list, PLEASE make a post in the Health Q&A Forum so that your antibiotic can be, Health Forum and Archive

Can you mix mdma and penicillin in your body?

In context MDMA is a euphoric pill that regulates the receptors in your body! In essence the antibiotic fights bacteria! The antibiotic will fight bacteria regardless, therefore destroying all the adulterants or bacteria MDMA might, should or could have! Alex Zamora PhD 101 call me should you doubt me! 915 929 6358 patent and copyrights apply to my intelligence! Please avoid attempting to duplicate or in any way alter my response. This is my intelligence and any dispute will not be replied by me! Alex Zamora the half blood prince!

What is 4G of Ecstasy?

Grams? that would be 40 points of mdma.

What does mdma means?

3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

What is the illustration for MDMA?

The chemical formula of MDMA is C11H15O2.

How long does a cocaine based ecstasy pill stay in your system?

Cocaine and MDMA both stay in the system for about 3 to 7 days. If you are referring to the effects, you would start to feel the cocaine shortly after ingesting the pill, and as you are coming down from the cocaine, you would likely begin to feel the MDMA. Cocaine and MDMA both stay in the system for about 3 to 7 days. If you are referring to the effects, you would start to feel the cocaine shortly after ingesting the pill, and as you are coming down from the cocaine, you would likely begin to feel the MDMA.

How easy is it to overdose on ecstasy?

If you have actual MDMA it is fairly hard to overdose, you would have to set out to do it. The LD50 for MDMA is 80mg/kg. Note that most pills sold as ecstasy don't contain MDMA but most likely contain amphetamines or research chemicals (i.e mephedrone or MDPV)

Will MDMA test positive as amphetamines?

No, there are no other medicines that use MDMA.

What is MDMA short for?

MDMA is short for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine.

TNT legal ecstasy?

Nope! waste of money and will not compare to MDMA. The closest thing to MDMA is MDMC which can be bought on the internet. It is basically the exact same thing as extasy, but can be worse for you if you don't know what you are doing. I would suggest ordering some Methylone (MDMC) or go out and (illegally) buy MDMA. MDMA may be illegal, but is better for you then MDMC, although both are fairly harmless.