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Q: What was discovered before antibiotics?
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Which was discovered before antibiotics blood circulation electricity chromosomes or gravity?


Was gravity discovered before antibiotics?

The laws of gravity as expressed by Sir Issac Newton were determined before Dr. Louis Pasteur discovered penicillin.

Why did more children die before antibiotics were discovered?

Because children have weak immune systems unlike adults. So since there were no antibiotics, children would die faster then adults.

How and where were antibiotics discovered?

England 1928

What was discovered befor the antibiotics?

Before antibiotics were discovered, sulfa drugs were used to fight infection. They are still used prophylacticly for some conditions. For many years they were used to stop recurring bladder infections and some doctors used them to stop recurring infections among asthmatics.

Who is the greatest bacteriologist who discovered antibiotics?

Alexander Fleming in 1928.

When was the discovery of antibiotics?

Antibiotics are a medicine that was first discovered in the year 1928. The man responsible for inventing them was named Alexander Fleming.

Did doctors in 1666 have a cure for the plague?

No. Antibiotics had not been discovered yet.

Did Alexander Fleming discovered antibiotics by accident?

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin at St. Mary's Hospital.

Why was antibiotics needed when Alexandra Fleming discovered them?

the second world war had started

What did Fleming discover?

He discovered the Penicillin.Which is the most important discovery when it comes to the history of antibiotics.

Who was the first person to make antibiotics?

Alexander Flemming first discovered, cultured and used penicillin