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Chest hair growth is controlled by hormones and genetics, so there isn't anything you can do to promote or inhibit it. You can of course shave, trim, or wax unwanted chest hair.

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Q: What to know when growing chest hair?
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Does sid Wilson have chest hairs?

Sid has a luscious V of hair growing down from his chest

What puts hair on your chest?

your naturally grow hair on your chest if your a male and for a female i dont know

Does working out help mens chest hair growth?

Unfortunately chest hair growth/pattern has to do with genetics and nothing else: there is nothing you can do to get more chest hair to grow, and the only way to reduce chest hair permanently is electrolysis or laser hair removal. Most men don't realize it, but their body hair keeps growing in throughout their 20s; if you are genetically predisposed to have chest hair, it might start growing in when you are 16, 25, or 30. It just depends. Men with light chest hair in their teens and 20s may find in their 30s that their chest hair gets denser or more widespread. The best gauge is to look at your father, brothers, grandfathers, and uncles: if they have chest hair, you probably will too.

How do you know when your hair is done growing?

Your hair is always growing, it never stops.

Why does chest hair not come in until you get in your thirties?

Different men get chest hair at different times. Many 13- or 16-year-olds will have some, and for a lot of men their chest hair grows in in their 20s, but most men's body hair doesn't finish growing in until they're in their 30s. You could be completely hairless and then suddenly start growing body hair in your 30s. Not all men develop chest hair, however, but most men have at least some.

When do you know when your hair will stop growing?

You know when your hair stops growing as soon as your hair starts falling out..... this is because your hair follicles start getting old or you have a disease!

You are 14 with face hair and very little chest hair starting to come in are you done growing?

Probably not--you'll still be growing for another 4-6 years, typically.

When will men start to get chest hair?

It varies quite a bit; some 13-year-old boys will have some chest hair, while some men don't start growing any until they're in their 30s. Men's body hair doesn't finish growing until somewhere in their 30s.

13 years and 7 months old and about 1 month ago hair started to appear on my chest does that mean i am still growing or is it possible i stopped And what age do males stop growing on average?

It is normal to have hair growing on your chest at 13 years old. It is part of the puberty process and does not mean you stopped growing. Males tend to stop growing between 18-21.

I'm a boy how do i know if I'm going through puberty?

You should start growing pimples. You should start growing hair on your face, chest and pubic areas. Your mood swings. And many other changes phsically and mentally.

Can you have hair on your chest at 14?

Yes, you can. You can also get it at slightly younger. It depends on how fast your growing and when you hit puberty.

Is it normal to grow hair on your chest at 14?

Congratulations! Your ptuitary gland is in action! It is normal to start growing hair as early as 12. You have started puberty