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It burns a lot and swells. The swelling doesn't go down for a couple of days and it hurts to the touch. And you don't feel it as much.

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Q: What to do when you miss your vein when you shoot up meth?
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What happens if you miss your vein shooting crystal meth?

if you miss it will burn bad, so quit an then hit another vein an if it burns then jus squirt it in your mouth if blood is all in your syringe

Where all do men shoot up meth at?

All men do not shoot up meth, indeed nearly all men DO NOT shoot up meth because it is a stupid thing to do.

What heroin cuts are deadly to shoot up a vein?

just stab yourself to death with a dirty needle you are the cancer of the planet no one will miss you.

What could happen if you hit a nerve instead of hitting a vein when you shoot up meth?

Hitting a nerve while injecting would cause severe problems, including excruciating pain, paraesthesia, and possibly local paralysis.

Did Bob Marley shoot up meth?

No he just smoked a lot of pot

A friend did a shot of meth and missed a vein in her foot her foot swelled up sould she see a doctor?

She probably should

How do you make a shot of meth?

You dissolve the meth into a container and suck it up into the needle then find a vein and push the needle into the vein. Then drawback and if blood goes into the needle then start pushing the plunger down. Be careful

Can you shoot up heroin in any vein or is inner arm the best place?

You can use any vein. Inner arm veins are popular because they are easily found and conveniently accessible.

Can you get sciatica from shooting up meth?

There is a possibility of you getting sciatica by shooting up meth.

Does Klonopin show up as meth?

Can colonopin show up as meth amphetamine

What happens if you miss your vein when shooting Oxycontin and there is a lump under the skin where you injected at?

It doesn't matter, if you're shooting cocaine!!! Your life is already over. NEW AND IMPROVED ANSWER "I don't think that was the answer he was looking for.. so your wrong! :") if you miss the vein shooting any drug it can cause some muscle damage, and or a infection. but so can banging the drug itself. nothing to serious tho. So shoot it all up you will be fine. <3"

How long does crystal meth stay in your urine if you inject into your veins?

I have heard that when used by injecting it could stay in your system for 21days. The puncture spot where you inject the meth in is like a small miss and you will still test dirty