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Tell her it bothers you. She'll immediately think you're adorable for being a tad bit jealous=)

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NOTHING, that means he's cute and girls want him but can't get him. Get worried when he starts staring.

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Q: What to do when a girl stare at your boyfriend?
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Why do girls with boyfriends stare at only you if you are a guy?

because they can't stare at the girls or they'll get in trouble! lol! oh uh...wait...who's doing the staring at you, the girl's boyfriend or the girl?

Sometimes i see my boyfriend stare at me with no sighn of emotin what does that mean?

You should try asking him.

If im seated with my boyfriend at a restaurant and a girl walks by and he stares at her and he sees that i can see him stare and he is aware that im uncomfortable with that is that normal?

Yes boys are animals and if they see something they like they will chase after it but he is your boyfriend and tell your boyfriend how you feel remember dont hide your feelings

Why is it that a girl feels uncomfortable with a guy staring at her?

I am a girl and this is what I think: Guys stare at me all the time. Especially my boyfriend. She may feel under pressure or like she is doing something wrong. If she asks why you are staring at her say, "I was just looking at how pretty you are," that is what my ex boyfriend said to me. It is so sweet. Anyway, yes, she might feel like she is wearing something wrong or she is ugly. Don't want her to think that. Especially when she is not. Try not to stare at her unless she knows why. And if you do stare at her, look down when she looks. It will make her feel better. Trust me.

Why would your old boyfriend stare at you from across the room?

because he still fancies you

What do you do once you have a boyfriend?

you tell him you really like him stare right in the eyes and kiss him

How do you get a girl you like to kiss you even if she already has a boyfriend?

get her while shes in a dark alley and give her a snog whilst your upside down and in a spiderman suit she will think its totally romantic and ditch the other guy

How do I get my boyfriend to kiss me because I'm in 7th grade and we really like each other?

Well first of all go on a date then when the time is right stare deeply into his eyes then go for it girl!

What are some signs that a guy wants to be your boyfriend?

He might stare at you alot, asks his friends about you

What to do if a girl refuse to let you sit beside?

stare at her

What if a girl likes your boyfriend?

I would confront the girl or warn your boyfriend

Do you have a boyfriend or girl friend?