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you tell him you really like him stare right in the eyes and kiss him

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Q: What do you do once you have a boyfriend?
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Is Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra a boyfriend and girlfriend?

No, they do no have such kind of relation. They were in a committed relation once. They were Boyfriend and Girlfriend once.

IfWhat to do when your boyfriend admits to cheating?

Find a new boyfriend. If he did it once and you forgive him. He'll do it again and expect the same.

What are you called if your father and your mom's boyfriend are third cousins?

Well if your father and your mom's boyfriend are third cousins then you and your mom's boyfriend are third cousins once removed.

My boyfriend is in jail he told me his ex was coming to bell him out but he never did i seen him in court the day my boyfriend had his pretrial my boyfriend never looked at me once?

It sounds to me like your boyfriend is going to end things with you.

How do you get your boyfriend to stop ignoring you once your together?

If he s ignoring you, it's time to move on and find yourself other boyfriend.

My boyfriend recently brought his bulldog into our home, since then he has bitten me twice and my boyfriend once. Why is he snapping with these aggressive moods. He goes from Benji to Cujo?

fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.

Can you move in with your boyfriend in the state of Georgia?

Sure, once you turn 18.

When your boyfriend trys hard but you dont believe him?

take the plunge for once.

Can you kiss your boyfriend after you pieced your tongue?

Yes, once the bleeding has stopped.

What should you do when boyfriend hit you?

I will break up with him. For if he has such behavior once, there may be another. He is just your boyfriend right now not your husband, you have the choice.

What does it means when your boyfriend throws up more than once?

Basically sick.

Is Oprah maried?

No, she is not married but she was once engaged to her boyfriend Stedman Graham but it did not go on