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try to get near him and hold his hand and mabye kiss him

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If he's single, tell him.

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Q: What to do when a boy likes you?
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What do you do if you like this boy who likes your twin sister who likes this boy who likes you?

You would admit that you are screwed.

How can you tell a boy likes you the most when he likes other girls to?

How can you tell when a boy likes you the most when he likes other girls to?

How will you if a boy like you?

if a boy liked you see if he realy likes you and if he realy likes you and if he likes you you should ask him out

You like a boy but his friend likes you what do i do?

it depends if the boy you like likes you back.

Who likes beast boy?

In the Teen Titans anime series, Beast Boy likes Terra. In the (New) Teen Titans comic book series, he likes Raven.

What if a boy likes you but never asks you out?

Move on to a boy that likes you and will no just ask him out you dom

If a boy likes you then you got glasses and you couldn't get contacts would the boy change his mind about you?

no if he truly likes you then no

How do you know a boy like you or not?

You can tell that a boy likes you if he looks at you a lot or he will send you a note sating that he likes you

You like this boy and he likes you but also likes this other girl what do you do?

i think you should tell the boy how you feel

If a shy boy likes you how will he react when you stare at him?

When you look at a shy boy that likes you he will be nervous and will start blushing!

What is the name of the boy that Ariel likes?

The name of the boy that Ariel likes is Prince Eric.

What does it mean when a boy likes your profile picture?

He likes the picture