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its because its probably swollen or you must have pulled something very common especially with kids these days

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Use an ankle brace like ace bandage.

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Q: What to do if your ankle hurts but it's not swollen?
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WHAT do you for DO for a hurt ankle?

if you hurt your ankle and its swollen you need to take 2 Advil and 1 tilonal. never get it to cold but put ice in a bag and softly put it on your ankle where it hurts THE MOST. trust me ive experiensed this before...

How do you make your ankle swollen?

You should never want to get your ankle swollen; the effects are not good on your body. An ankle is usually swollen as a result from spraining it, often by stepping on someone's foot after jumping, twisting it, having someone fall on it, etc.

Your ankle is still swollen after 11days of spraining your ankle?

My ankle just stopped swelling 2 days ago witch was 2 months after I sprained it! so it may be swollen for a while

What does it mean when you have only one swollen ankle and it feels like there is extra tissue there?

That feeling is probably just excess fluid from a mild sprain. Press down the tissue of the swollen ankle with your finger, then do it to your other ankle. If the swollen ankle rebounds slower then the normal ankle, it's just a sprain. Elevate and ice it. If not, seek medical advice.

What helps a swollen ankle?

A hot bath

What does a swollen ankle indicates?

I am not a doctor, but one swollen ankle is often an injury. Two swollen ankles can mean congestive heart failure. It is serious and you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

Write a sentence with the word swollen?

I twisted my ankle this morning and it is so swollen I can not get my shoes on.

What Does swollen ankle bruising mean?

it means your swoll.

What is a sentence with swollen?

Example sentence - He went to see the doctor to find out if his swollen ankle was broken.

Are ankle braces good to use?

Ankle braces are for when you fracture or sprain your ankle you could use it if your ankle still hurts form when it's fractured!

Why does stomach hurts and intestines hurt after you eat and your stomach is swollen?

what do u do if your stomach hurts

What should you do if your ankle hurts when you walk?

Rap it up