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Eat a lot of soft bread and drink lots of liquids. Hone ymay help get rid of the sensation.

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Drink a glass of some sort of drinkable liquid and keep drinking that until the pill is all the way down.

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Q: What to do if you have a chip lodged in your throat?
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What is a technique for removing food lodged in the throat?

Mechanical obstruction of the airways, which commonly occurs when food gets lodged in the throat, can be treated by applying the Heimlich maneuver.

What to do with piece of meat lodged in throat?

Do the hymlic remover

What Was The Cause Of Brunels Death?

he got a coin lodged in his throat i think.

How does obesity effect the digestive system?

A Burger might get lodged in their throat causing them to suffercate and die. A common fatality in fat people 1/100 people die from getting pizza, burgers or kebab lodged in their throat causing them to die.

A piece of cucumber is lodged in your throat causing breathing problems?

Get medical attention right away.

If a person can make a sound but has food lodged in throat you should perform the Heimlich maneuver.?


What happens if you hyperventilate and then have someone push on your chest?

Pushing on the chest of someone who has hyperventilated can cause a decrease in oxygen supply to the brain, potentially leading to fainting or loss of consciousness. It can also worsen symptoms of hyperventilation by increasing anxiety and hyperventilation. It is important to intervene calmly and provide reassurance to help the person normalize their breathing.

What happens when you choke?

something gets lodged in your throat and cuts off your air ways so you cant breath.

Are sweet gum balls harmful to dogs?

yes! any dog could easily choke on them or it could get lodged in their throat

When you are eating do you have to drink water or not?

You don't have to. But it is ideal to keep a drink at hand in case your throat becomes dry, in case you have difficulty breaking down food or in case something gets lodged in your throat.

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