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Having been on both ends of this situation, I feel as if I can speak with some authority.

One day while covering the ER, an EMT from the Fire Station came in because he "had a fish bone stuck in my throat!" This is not something that is covered in medical school, and a new situation for me as a physician. I took X-Rays of his neck to see if we could visualize a foreign object, but the X-Rays showed nothing. He insisted that while eating fish, a bone had become lodged in his throat. After some fast thinking, I numbed his throat with Xylocaine Spray to block his gag reflex, laid him on his back, took a laryngysccope and looked down at his esophagus and vocal cords. There is was a small 1-2" fish bone, I quickly asked for some long forceps and removed the offending object. He felt fine and was discharged back to work.

Ironically, a couple of months later, I was having lunch in the Doctor's Dining Room, fish of course, and the same thing happened to me. After trying to push it into my stomach with several bites of bread with no relief, I quietly went to the restroom. There i tried to force myself to vomit with no success. So I walked down to the ER, and told the Attending Physician what had happened. He too had never encountered this before, so I explained what I had done with the EMT, he repeated the procedure and the fish bone was removed, again.

When an object like a fishbone or a potato chip goes down the esophagus the wrong way, it can become lodged or it can scratch the lining of the mucosa and make it feel as if there is a foreign object when there is not. If a person has an object lodged in their throat, make sure they can talk and breathe, if they cannot, the Heimleich Maneuver is indicated. If they are in no distress they should see an ENT physician, or go to the nearest ER where the doctor can use a scope to visualize the area and remove any foreign object. If it is just a scratch it will heal in a few days.

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Q: What to do if you feel like something is stuck in your throat but there is nothing?
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You feel like there's something stuck in my throat and like there's a lump in your stomachWhat can this be?

i have the same exact problem i feel like there is something like a piece of food or like a popcorn kernel but nothing is there i went to the doctor and they said that it could be allergies or it could just be dry throat.

What do bumps down your throat mean?

If you have bumps down your throat and you feel like you have something stuck in your lower throat, it could be a bacterial infection such as pharyngitis or tonsillitis. You should consult your doctor because bacterial infections usually require a course of antibiotics to clear them up.

Is your throat supposed to feel weird after you have had a cough drop and there was nothing wrong with your throat?


When should I go to the hospital because I haven't been able to eat meat for the last week because last week I chocked on lamb which was stuck in my throat and I feel something still stuck and can't e?

go to the doctor, not the hospital

What can correct an elongated epiglottis Is operation the only cure for this.My epiglottis is twice as long as normal and also stickes to back of my throat making it feel like i have something stuck?

stab it

What do earrings feel like?

They feel like something is stuck through your ear ;)

You have had these painful white colored things on your tonsils for 2 months you always feel like you have something stuck in your throat and it sometimes gets hard to swallow so tonsillectomy needed?

see a doctor probably an infection

What does it mean when your throat has a tingly feeling like a soar throat?

If you feel fine its proably just a scratch or something in the back throat. If you dont feel to well then you have strep throght. If you have strep see a doctor immedially

What is the best thing to drink wile taking a pill?

it is better to drink something with flavor so that you will not taste your pill while swallowing. Also make sure sure you drink enough or it will feel like it's stuck in your throat.

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What will happen if you accidentally ingest some of the contents of a tea bag?

Oftest nothing. You may feel ichy in your throat or start coughing.

My ear itch and i feel a sharp pain in my throat?

This could just be the coming of a cold or throat infection. Whenever i am getting a throat infection or just a general sore throat my ears itch as well as my throat hurting. If this continues you should go to the doctors as it could be something worse.