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silence your mind through that someones stunning energy. you have two choices. the ones who know you will see your face destroyed and you will grief because you let the moment own you. or, you can defend your families most precious belief, you..................................................................................


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Q: What to do if someone might try to run up and fight you?
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Could a quagga fight?

Quaggas would run rather than try to fight.

What do they do when a preditdor trys to get it?

Either try to run away and escape or fight it.

What first instinct a horse does when afraid?

Horses are fight or flight animals. When they're scared they might spook. Then they'll either try to defend themselves and kick and bite, or they'll run away.

What is a horses first instict to do when its scared?

A horse has either a flight or fight response. The horse with either run away from what is scaring it, or it will try to fight it.

What do you do when your about to get into a fist fight?

you can do 3 things. 1) Run away and hope they don't run after you. 2) try and talk to the other person and make peace. 3) Get ready for a fight and hope your not the loser.

What is the fight or flight hormoneWhy is it known in this way?

The fight or flight hormone is called adrenaline. This is known as the fight of flight hormone because you will either run away or try to defend yourself.

How do you get someone to admit there pregnant?

TRY ASKING EM that might work

Where can I find someone to have a pie fight with me?

If you want someone to have a pie fight with you try asking your friends, or someone you know that is fun, im not sure of an actual place to go but for people start with people you know then ask them if they dont want to if they know someone who would.

What does a rabbit do with its predator?

A rabbit will first try to hide if it can, if it cannot hide it will try to run. If unable to outrun its predator it may try to fight, but usually at that point its over for the rabbit.

How do you fight for someone relationship wise?

It depends on the situation but generally when you fight for someone in a relationship that means that whatever the situation is that you two are being faced with, you don't give up. You fight through the obstacles & the ups & downs no matter how tough try may be.

After doodle has learned to walk what does his brother try to teach him to prepare him for school?

To run, to swim, to climb trees, and to fight

Can glaciers kill someone?

maybe if they run into one and go and try to climb one