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The nerves from whatever body part you are using lets the brain know that you should pull away from that object otherwise burning yourself


Fire has a large amount of thermal energy, when it comes into contact with your relatively cold hand, it's thermal energy quickly flows into it. The nerves in that area absorb that energy, transform it into a weak electrical signal, so your neurons can understand the information. The information is processed by the neurons, and then they decide on a logical reaction -pulling away from the intense heat-. That's my guess to how it happens. This all happens in a fraction of a second.

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The answer is heat and bad coldness if you want the money you says banana

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your magnificent reflexes tells your hand to move when you touch something


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You have receptors that are part of the nervous system that are just for hot or for cold. These are called thermoreceptors.

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Q: What tells your hand to move when you touch something very hot?
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when you touch something hot , a message flashes to and from your spinal cord.this reflex causes you to move your hand.

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