What is a nudge in draw something?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is an alert you can send to the other player when they have not made a move for a while that tells them to make a move.

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Q: What is a nudge in draw something?
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How do you nudge someone in draw something?

On the left there is a nudge button.. Click that three times. Hope this works f not reply

What does it mean when you nudge someone on draw something?

This is just a simple reminder to take your turn on Draw something. If you recieve one, no rush, it just means to reply when you get a chance because the other person is getting bored and wants to play with you.

What is it meant by the word nudge?

The word nudge has a variety of meanings. It's primary definition is to be pushed or touched gently. It can also mean to prod gently in order to urge something into action.

What is the difference between dig and bump?

Dig- burrow into something, creating a hole Bump-collide with something, hit softly, nudge

What is gazzy and nudges powers in Maximum Ride?

Gazzy can mimic voices perfectly,and "let one rip" pretty good. Nudge can draw metal to her.

What does wink wink nudge nudge mean?

it means when someone prompt you,.it is usually used when someone isn't replying. it makes a loud noise and move your screen so as you can know that someone says something

What is a sentence with the word nudge?

If I doze off, just give me a little nudge.

How do you download draw something?

You can download Draw Something from the iPhone or Android app stores.

Which one of the flock is a motormouth?

her name is Nudge. she is about eleven and she is sometimes known as 'the Nudge-Channel. all nudge, all the time' to the flock

Sentence with the word nudge?

If that pony thinks that you have carrots, he will nudge you relentlessly. A slight nudge from my burly assistant will put the refrigerator in place.

How do you draw a diagram showing the motion of a satellite around earth label the forces acting on the satellite is the satellite accelerating?

You get something to draw with and something to draw on and DRAW

Where has Jake gone?

went to laurens, wink wink, nudge nudge ;)