How do you put a pic on draw something?

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2012-06-02 16:50:47

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I think to have a profile pic on draw

Something you need to be logged in on a Facebook account. I'm pretty sure the pic is your profile pic

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2012-06-02 16:50:47
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2020-04-29 18:34:47

But how do you change it I know you need to log in to have one

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Q: How do you put a pic on draw something?
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You can use photoshop or something similar

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How do you put picture on draw something?

You need to be logged on to face book, your profile picture will be your draw something display

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How do you put your picture on draw something?

By loggin in to fb

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take a pic of a flower and draw what you see. this is what the rich artist do in the artist world.

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