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Nervous system

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Q: What system does a stroke affect?
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What system does stroke affect?

Nervous system

Does a stroke affect the nervous or endocrine system how stroke affects the endocrine system?

A stroke may affect the endocrine system if it damages brain tissue involved in endocrine function. For instance, a stroke may affect the tissues critical to the function of the hypothalamus or pituitary gland.

What systems of the body does a stroke affect?

The Nervous System.

How is Stroke a nervous disorder?

It isn't. A stroke is a cardiovascular event that CAN (might) affect the nervous system, specifically, the brain. If so, then it CAN (might) affect the muscular system through where the damage occurred in the brain. Stroke CAN (might) affect speech and memory as well. But stroke is still a cardiovascular event.

Does a stroke affect the nervous or endocrine system?

It affects the nervous system. It affects both those systems along with many others. It effects the endocrine system, because the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, both secreting organs in the endocrine system, are located in the brain. If a stroke were to occur in those regions, the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland would not be able to secrete the hormones needed to keep homeostasis. The brain also controls the nervous system. So, a stroke does affect both.

How does acetylcholine affect stroke volume?

it decreases stroke volume.its obvious!

How does a Transient Ischemic Attack mini-stroke affect all other body systems?

A transient ischemic attack mini-stroke will affect al the other body system due to the neurological dysfunction. This will affect the blood flow but it is usually restored within a short period of time.Ê

How does fat salt and cholesterol affect your circulatory system?

High blood pressure High cholesterol Atherosclerosis Stroke Diabetes

How can a stroke affect the respiratory system?

Strokes affect the cells in the brain. Since the brain controls all parts of the body, the area of the brain that controls your respiratory system can be damaged due to the rupture of an artery in the brain.

How does stroke and diameter affect pneumatic system?

The performance of a pneumatic system is dependent upon the air displaced or handled, which is directly proportional to the stroke and diameter. In other words, it is to be considered like a cylinder whose volume increases with diameter and length.

What are the age factors that affect relearning speech and mobility after stroke?

how does age affect relearning speech and mobility for a stroke patient

What can stroke affect?

yuo moma

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